Not goodbye, just a change of venue…


Sadly, Shitipedia as a separate blog has not really taken off. C’est la vie. You can’t win them all and it’s pointless flagellating a deceased equine…

However, all is not lost. I have transferred the contents back across to my main blog and you can access it by clicking HERE.

I’ll continue to add to the content and continue to accept suggestions in the comments under posts.

Thanks for your support and (hopefully) I’ll see you over the other place!


One thought on “Not goodbye, just a change of venue…

  1. A wise decision to chuck in the towel. Shitipedia is a good idea, but it failed traffic hits because it was interaction blogging with the Dioclese site. (your main domain website).

    Successful interactive stand alone cyclopedia websites have separate forum for visitors to register on for any blogging. Of course material content presentation quality and quantity come into play, but don’t make it inclusive with the blogging. Which is why Shitipedia failed – it was an all blog Diocese format.

    Tip: Never create an extension domain website and use on it the same format and style as seen on the main domain website.

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